Sunday, January 23, 2011

We have created a world in which there are enormous social, psychological and economic rewards and penalties attached to the way we look. Can any of us honestly say, 'I don't want to be attractive'? Don't we all want to be loved? But have we been brainwashed into believing that in order to be loved we need smaller noses, bigger breasts, tighter skin, longer legs, flatter stomachs and to appear ever youthful? Where does it end?

Een deel van de introductie van de fotoreeks "Love me" van Zed Nelson. 

Ox and Angela, plastic surgeon and wife.
Rio, Brazil.

Sally Walker, age undisclosed.
Cosmetic Enhancement Expo,
Dallas, Texas.

Oxygen administered to exhausted contestants during final round of judging. The strain of intense dieting, dehydration and muscle-flexing, places high levels of strain on the heart and lungs, rendering many contestants dizzy, light-headed and weak.
Ronnie Coleman, winner.
Mr Olympia Competition. Las Vegas, USA

“I’m resisting being old, of course. I won’t let go. I may die, but I’ll die with no wrinkles.”
Maria Jose-Silva, 71.
Facelift, neck lift, breast augmentation.
Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Je kan de rest van de foto's hier bekijken. Maar als je de kans hebt zou ik het boek in de bib gaan halen. De foto's in het boek hebben en zeer mooie kwaliteit en ik vind het toch altijd net wat anders. Beter in dit geval!