Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy post

happy flower post

I was scanning in some leaves of the flower. So that's why I noticed this little heart. It makes me a bit happy. And the sun was shining too(sun!). So. This is a happy post. 
I'm trying to write in English again. Not to attract foreign readers but I recently noticed my english is really bad. I forget words so quickly. And now i'm typing in short sentences because it's easier. 
And i'll try to post more regularly!! Maybe a bit of fashion too. If I feel it's interesting enough.

And another thing. I finally quit school! Finally! Really,I was doubting about it for months. 
"Wouldn't I just stay there?So I still could learn something and not have to go working full time."

I'm much happier now and strange enough,busier. I'm also learning things that are really useful instead of so much things I don't want to know or do. 

I'm going to bed now. I have school tomorrow from 9 am untill 10 pm. Long day long day.


(correct my mistakes in the message box please)


Jantine said...

O je bent gestopt! :o Met je vooropleiding die je deed?
Wel fijn dat je je er goed bij voelt. Wat zijn je plannen voor volgend jaar? ;) xxx

Laurein H said...

OOH, dit maakt mij ook blij :)
Fijn dat je je beslissing hebt gemaakt! Je gaat het heel heel goed doen x