Friday, March 6, 2009

Boooooring black outfit for today!
But this day was actually very fun. The people from the last year celebrated 'chrysostemos'.For the people who don't know what chrysostemos is: It's a day where they can dress up whatever they like. In the morning,when the school starts,they are allowed to colour every other student's hair.(or they can put other nasty things in their hair)
The students of the last year have only 100 days left so that's why they are celebrating!They also made a "show" for the people in the 5th year where they made the teachers sing.(karaoke)
Soooo funny! :D I also loved this day because the sun. If you are inside,and you look outside it's looks like it's summer. But if you go outside it's still cold. But i don't really mind,if the sun shines i feel happy.


inga said...

wacht maar tot je zelf je chrisostomos hebt, das de zaligste tijd van je middelbaar:)

p.s. je outfit is niet boring,hij is simpel,maar mooi

Anonymous said...

Ik werd ook happy van de zon ^^