Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lovely day,so i went outside and took my camera with me.

Spring is coming. This means that this cutie-flower comes back to say hello! In the summer we have like 1000 of them.

I think it's amazing that i can walk trough this thing of bamboo(don't know the english word!)

I was amazed how much it has grown.
I don't walk trough my garden very often. Especially not in the winter!
But i think i will do it more often,for the pictures. And also for the nice feeling you get.(felt it today)

The sun was hiding behind a cloud for a second.
But the air was soooo bright at that moment.
I love this feeling of almost-spring. Even when i'm inside i have this feeling. It makes me happy.


Mirthe said...

Wauw, heel erg mooi!

inga said...

had ik ook maar zo een leuk kodakske da zo leuke foto'kes kon trekken!