Sunday, August 8, 2010

I bought this skirt at the kringloopwinkel in my town. It's not something i would normally buy,but maybe that's the reason I bought it. First I thought it was a skirt. But actually it's a pants,a real big and slouchy pants. Maybe I will change it,to a real skirt if I have some time left and feel like doing it. But on the other hand,it would come in handy if I go somewhere with my bike. It always more comfortable when i'm wearing pants instead of a skirt.
I'm probably going to make a small stopmotion about me and with this photos later. So stay stuned. ;)

And oh,i didn't bought anything yesterday. And that's a good thing. I saw many beautiful things who were very priced,so i'm going to think about it and go back the next week.


SophieSweetVintage said...

Die twee bewerkte foto's zijn echt leuk :) Mooi oufitje!

Laurein said...

mooi btw :)
Over hoge hakjes, ik begin er meer op te lopen en er oog voor te hebben.
Dus ik zou het doen, zeker sale.
Dan heb je niet zo'n spijt ervan ;)
Zijn het dichte op pumps? x