Friday, August 6, 2010

I never feel like blogging when i'm working. The only thing I do when I come home is eating and relaxing. My level of inspiration is -2 at the moment.But yeah,i guess there are good things about not liking the job you have to do in your summer holidays.You become more motivated to never have to do a summerjob like this when you're older. More motivated to try harder for a job that will be fun the rest of your life. Life is not about working,life is about doing fun things and enjoying the things you do. If I could chose,i would rather have a not so good paid job rather than a very good job to which a don't like to go to.I don't know why i'm typing this right now. But I do know why i'm typing this in English. My boss at my new work is originally from Colorado. We speak English to each other all the time and it's feels really good because I feel like it's really improving. In school I had English for six years but I never really progressed in my way of talking. My teacher always said to speak as much of English as possible in class but I never did that. I talk with a flamish accent and I just know it sounds weird.
Anyways,i know I just have to do fun things again and I will be more happy in a second. And that will be tomorrow because it's weekend. For the past 2 months I never appriciated the weekend anymore,but now i really do. Another good thing about working full time i guess.

There will be fun updates soon!

(My English is better but certainly not good. But it will be improve soon,i hope. I probably will correct the mistakes when i'm home.)


Laurein said...

blijven proberen, mijn spreken is 100000 keer beter ;) Want ik deed het altijd tegen mijn nonkel & zijn familie.
Schrijven is heel wat erger. Dus met andere woorden ga londen fantastisch worden ;)

Laurein said...

Ik vind mr brooks wel een goede, voor de rest weet ik niet echt.
Ik kijk meer series dab films :)
Das een goede bibliotheek btw ;)

En het meisje hierboven: knappe stijl! veel gevonden? Ik kan pas maandag gaan xoxo